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Hot Runner Cable Connector Anatomy

Hot runner cable connectors come in a wide range of specifications with some being much better than others. Our recent article in MoldMaking Technology magazine calls attention to the top 5 problems we typically see in the field. These include: Pushed-Back or Bent Pins Pushed-Back Inserts High Amp Deterioration Loose or Broken Latches Missing or

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HMI Remote Monitoring and Control

Fast Heat hot runner temperature control industrial offers two options for HMI remote monitoring and control. We first offered VNC Viewer with the advent of newer touchscreen HMIs. Most recently, we have added EasyAccess 2.0 VPN. Here is a brief explanation. VNC Viewer - Same Network Connection VNC viewer is a graphical desktop sharing

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Sprue Bushings and Heated Nozzles Now Available

Spark Industries Expands Product Line To Include Sprue Bushings and Nozzles We’re seeking to provide as much value to mold builders as possible. Expanding our product line to include integrally heated sprue bushings and nozzles enables tool shops and molders to leverage these proven designs while receiving our hands-on service and support. We also offer

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Injection Molding & Design Expo

Injection Molding & Design Expo May 25-26, Detroit MI The Injection Molding and Design expo is an exciting new free-to-attend tradeshow from the people behind Plastics News and Injection World magazines. The expo focuses exclusively on injection molding. The two-day event brings together the complete North American supply chain and provides an amazing opportunity to learn about new

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Hot Runner Control Input and Output Communication

Hot Runner Control Input-Output Signals Hot runner control input-output signals are a terrific way to integrate hot runner temperature controls with injection molding machines, robots, conveyors, or other peripheral equipment. The Fast Heat Pulse Controller has four INPUT and OUTPUT channels. The channels are configurable per order, but the INPUT is typically a N/O (normally

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Hot Runner Control Impact on Moldflow Analysis

Consistent Hot Runner Temperature Control is Key We've known for many years that Fast Heat clients value precise hot runner temperature control, especially for engineered resins, glass-filled applications and wide-spec regrinds. These materials require consistent temperature control to achieve "part-to-print" specifications. According to CAE, a leader in Moldflow analysis, altering material characteristics due to

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Hot Runner Maintenance Training

Hot Runner Maintenance Training Needs to Include Why Not Just How Onboarding and training new employees on why things are done a certain way and not just how is critical in hot runner temperature control and proper hot runner system management. Spark Industries has created a guide for new mold-making and molding professionals on

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Pulse Hot Runner Controller Debuts New HMI

Fast Heat by Spark Industries will be debuting an updated human-machine interface (HMI) on their Pulse hot runner controller at Amerimold 2021. The updated controller is standard on all Pulse controllers. Additionally, the new technology's retrofit is available for older versions of the hot runner controller. The features of the updated interface are: Plug

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Spark Industries Acquires Fast Heat’s Hot Runner Controller Product Line

January 7, 2021.  Recently formed Spark Industries has acquired Fast Heat's current product line. Founded by former Fast Heat GM Chad Root and Operations Manager Manny Diaz, Root and Diaz are leveraging their extensive experience in the industry. There is an obvious opportunity to advance the technology of the Hot Runner Controllers, and tackling

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Fast Heat’s CableXChecker: Hot Runner Cable Testing

Hot Runner Cable Testing - So Much Easier! Hot runner cable testing can be a tedious process. The traditional way of testing hot runner cables uses an ohmmeter or multimeter. The problem is that when cables are “set aside” in the “not-sure-what’s-wrong-with-it pile,” somebody has to troubleshoot the cables to see if they are faulty.

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