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Heated Tapered Nozzle

Heat Transfer and Uniformity by Zeiger and Spark Industries Okay, one more time for those of you who may have missed it…for those way in the back…anyone who knows anything about injection molding knows the importance of having optimum control over heat profiles…it is top priority! Temperature affects every step of the injection-molding process

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Hot Runner Performance

Preparing for Production Hot Runner performance is critical to maintaining production schedules and eliminating costly downtime. Following a pre-production checklist to ensure all tools are in place and ready to go gives your team the ability to work efficiently and effectively, saving both time and money. Having the tools to ensure your hot runner performance

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Minimizing Costs and Simplifying Hot Runner Repair

How will you minimize downtime and costly hot runner repair in your shop? The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think…here’s how Fast Heat by Spark Industries will help! You already know preventive maintenance is critical to the success of your shop. There will always be some amount of hot runner system repair, but

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Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Boost Productivity and Quality

Want to know how to reduce scrap and increase productivity in your shop…Fast Heat by Spark Industries' temperature controllers are a must! Realistically, there are hundreds of ways to eliminate or reduce scrap on your  production floor that will increase those productivity numbers…from reintroducing scrap back into your processes to continuing to educate your technicians.

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CableXChecker™: Diagnose Hot Runner Cable Issues

Effectively Getting to the Root of the Problem Diagnostic device helps molders check hot runner cables quickly and efficiently Spaghetti bowl?! That’s right…spaghetti! That’s what all the wires and cables inside a press might remind you of…and have you looked closely at all the pins and cables making up a hot runner system? Plastic injection

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Low-Investment Molding Solution

Hot Runner Temperature Control: A Low-Investment Molding Solution Processing challenges and mold design considerations amplify the importance of the use of hot runner controls. Before we get started on the subject of using hot runner controls as a wide-reaching molding solution, we thought it worth mentioning where we are economically. The state of the economy

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Reliable Hot Runner Temperature Control

Pulse technology demonstrates enhanced ergonomic features for accurate and reliable hot runner temperature control. Catchy intro… Well, we don’t really have one. But to be straightforward…Fast Heat Inc. by Spark Industries is simply the apex of the industry when it comes to hot runner controllers. Gear like the (showcased at Amerimold 2021 exhibit) Pulse

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Hot Runner Cable Connector Anatomy

Hot runner cable connectors come in a wide range of specifications with some being much better than others. Our recent article in MoldMaking Technology magazine calls attention to the top 5 problems we typically see in the field. These include: Pushed-Back or Bent Pins Pushed-Back Inserts High Amp Deterioration Loose or Broken Latches Missing or

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HMI Remote Monitoring and Control

Fast Heat hot runner temperature control industrial offers two options for HMI remote monitoring and control. We first offered VNC Viewer with the advent of newer touchscreen HMIs. Most recently, we have added EasyAccess 2.0 VPN. Here is a brief explanation. VNC Viewer - Same Network Connection VNC viewer is a graphical desktop sharing

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Sprue Bushings and Heated Nozzles Now Available

Spark Industries Expands Product Line To Include Sprue Bushings and Nozzles We’re seeking to provide as much value to mold builders as possible. Expanding our product line to include integrally heated sprue bushings and nozzles enables tool shops and molders to leverage these proven designs while receiving our hands-on service and support. We also offer

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