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Fast Heat’s MoldXChecker: Hot Runner Maintenance

Hot Runner Maintenance - A Better & Safer Way! What would you normally have to do for hot runner maintenance? You’d look for dead shorts caused by pinched wires, open circuits, and you would want to measure the resistance of the heaters to ensure they are in a healthy range. Let’s start by measuring the resistance of the heaters. Put your meter in ohms, make sure the test leads are good and then go to each one of the heater circuits (you have to know the wiring diagram), touching each pin for each circuit. Measuring resistance will not tell you if you have a direct short. The only way to do that is to put one lead on the body of the hot half and then

MoldXChecker ®: Hot Runner Diagnostics

Hot Runner Maintenance Using the MoldXChecker ® Just like you would connect your hot half to a hot runner controller, you can now connect to the Fast Heat MoldXChecker. If you’re wise and use the Mold Checker in the tool room, you would also know if you had an open heater. Waiting until you have a mold on the press to find out you have an open heater means you wasted all of the time. To troubleshoot an open alarm on your controller on the shop floor, you’d have to backtrack through your connectors and cables and then climb up on the tool (dangerous!) to check your mold box wiring and heater for that zone. If you truly have an open heater, you’ll need to pull the

Hot Runner Cable Testing

Manny Diaz invented the Fast Heat CableXChecker because of practical problems he experienced on service calls. It took too long and was too easy to make a mistake when checking for zone continuity and shorts (most people do not check for shorts) within hot runner cables. The CableXChecker saves time (about 15-minutes per cable!) and ensures 100% accurate testing. Don’t know your wiring diagram? No problem, the CableXChecker is customized to your connector standards and shows your wiring diagram on the device. Just connect to the matching connector and go. The Problem with Hot Runner Cable Testing “Everytime that I would go out to do a service call, all of the good cables were where? Yes, they were all on machines. Where were


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