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MOD24® is our latest solution for hot runner controllers. This patent-pending, modern, modular controller offers unlimited modularity of 6-zone hot runner control modules within 24-zone cabinets up to 192-zones.

Pulse hot runner controller


Pulse is a time-tested, advanced hot runner controller with 30-zone capacity cabinets that can be combined for up to 180-zones. Minimizes peak KW demand, integrates with IMMs using I/O and VNC Viewer, and much more.

Innovation in Hot Runner Controllers – We Spark Productivity!

Simple Hot Runner Controller –  Turn it On. Set or Select a Recipe. Run.

  • Bake-Out automatically bakes out moisture from heaters to prevent shorts.
  • Evensoak automatically ramps up your hot runner by group for even expansion, so you won’t have to remember to come back and turn on your drops or worse yet turn everything on at once (causes wear at gate and manifold).
  • Quickly adjust set points by groups within your hot half.
  • Auto or manual slave off other thermocouples.
  • Instant diagnostics with easy to see alarms including temperature, amperage, percent power, t/c open/reverse and heater open/triac short.
  • Maximum percent power limiter on Pulse (for low amp installations).
  • Reassign thermocouple designations if there is a miswire in the hot runner junction box.
  • Boost or idle with one button.
  • Save recipes.
  • Assign security levels.

Practical Hot Runner Control Technology – Always Working for You!

  • 4-Channel I/O on Pulse units for Softsoak & alarm outputs and inputs for Run, Stop, Boost, and Idle.
  • Waterfall Technology™ reduces peak KWh consumption.
  • Max % Power Limit (enables lower amp service)
  • ATP™ (Active Thermocouple Protection) automatically protects thermocouples from short-circuit current leakage while improving thermocouple signal accuracy.
  • Extremely accurate, constant tuning PID algorithm, with 8.33 ms (milliseconds) power increments, prevents scrap and enables tight processing windows.
  • Embedded software and industrial-grade components ensure long-lasting reliability.
  • Simple, color touchscreen with VNC Viewer displays are easy to use, and you’re never more than one click away from the main page.
  • USB for screen captures.

Our hot runner controllers run on Fast Heat® Control Technology. It is the heart of future innovation and sustainable support for our hot runner control product lines. This firmware platform incorporates a control algorithm that “Pulses” power in 8.33 millisecond segments as directed by an adaptive PID table. The behind-the-scenes calculations are the secret to our highly stable temperature control while reducing peak kW demand by up to 67%! This control technology is surrounded by simple and practical features such as automatic moisture Bake-Out, EvenSoak sequential tool start-up, group management, Soak Timer, Boost, Idle, Zone Slaving, Max % Power, instant tool diagnostics, recipe storage, VNC Viewer, and I/O.  

Pulse hot runner controllerOur Pulse™ hot runner controller underwent a display upgrade in the spring of 2021 to replace the HMI. The new 10.1” liquid-crystal high-resolution touchscreen offers an ethernet port for VNC viewer functionality and a USB port for saving screenshots. This upgrade was true to our commitment to backward compatibility and flexibility for future updates.   

The Fast Heat®, Pulse™ Hot Runner Controller is undergoing a CPU board update that includes the latest processor technology and consolidates many components from the existing design. This update ensures our ability to source board components competitively for many years. It’s also much faster, has a micro-USB for firmware uploads, and 100 megabits per second TCP/IP.

24-Zone Hot Runner Controller


MOD24® Tabletop

48-Zone Hot Runner Controller


MOD24® Wall or Panel Mount

96-Zone Hot Runner Controller


MOD24® Mobile PowerRack™

Hot Runner Controllers Next Generation – MOD24®

MOD24® is a patent-pending, modern, modular hot runner controller that offers unlimited plug-and-play of 6-zone hot runner control modules within compact 24-zone cabinets up to 192 zones with a single Fast Heat®, Pulse™ HMI. The display can be cabinet-mounted in multiple configurations, remote-mounted, or integrated with a molding machine controller. The cabinets can be wall or panel-mounted anywhere convenient, placed in a tabletop position, or mounted to our pre-wired PowerRack™. Each cabinet can be daisy-chained to the next for easy expansion.  

MOD24® is the marriage of traditional modular mainframes and modern integrated controllers with proven Fast Heat® Control Technology. An advanced microprocessor offers a range of capabilities for Industry 4.0 applications such as OPC-UA Euromap 82.2 remote control and data streaming, Modbus TCP/IP, 4-Channel I/O, Micro-USB Recipe Transfer, and multiple APIs to support injection molding machine integration.  

Hot runner controllers have evolved substantially over the years. For decades, the industry has used modular mainframe controllers with individual 15- or 30-amp modules. They provide exceptional modularity because they are available in various configurations from one to twelve zones that can easily be combined. The downside is that each zone is a separate microcontroller that needs to be set manually and turned on or off manually at the appropriate time, which becomes more burdensome with more zones of control. These controllers call for power independent of each other, allowing for peak kW demand to escalate. Some control algorithms offer only a basic level of accuracy, which induces too much variation in the molding process for some applications.    

Fast Heat introduced a significant innovation to the injection molding industry in 2001 called the “Pulse” integrated hot runner controller. The most notable advancement from modular controllers to Pulse is the single human-machine interface that displays 24 zones of set points, actual temperature, percentage power, and mode. This made setting up and saving a tool’s recipe easy and fast. The zones were easily grouped for automatic and proper sequential start-up of manifolds first, sprue bushings or secondary masses second, and nozzles last. There was also a single-touch button for idle and boost per the saved recipe. This integrated controller technology included an advanced PID ideal for tight processing windows and energy management that reduced peak kW demand. This platform later evolved into the Pulse II integrated controller line that extends to 180 zones and offers auxiliary I/O and VNC Viewer.  

MOD24® is affordable, offers the latest technology, and can be used press-side or easily integrated into injection molding machines.  

MOD24® is a modern, modular controller. 

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