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SmartMold™ Hot Runner Mold Box


The SmartMold Hot Runner Mold Box saves time and money by protecting thermocouples (t/c) in the hot-half and t/c modules in the hot runner controller from direct-shorted heaters while also enhancing the accuracy of t/c temperature readings during normal operating conditions.

  • Protection – Pinched heater wires and unproperly grounded heaters in a hot-half are the number one cause of thermocouple failure and can also damage the controller’s t/c board and other circuits.
  • Improved Processing – A cleaner t/c reading results in less power variation to the heaters which directly results in less process variation.
  • Easy Access – Whether you’re assembling the tool for the first time or troubleshooting an open circuit, you’ll easily access both the back of the connectors and the terminal strips.


Protecting thermocouples from ground fault leakage and direct shorts means less time rewiring hot runner systems.

Thermocouple Protection from a Direct-Shorted Heater

Notice the heater wire is directly connected to the hot-half; replicating a directly shorted heater. There were zero ohms on the t/c circuits in this condition.

How Active Thermocouple Protection Works

A positive temperature coefficient (PTC) device allows the amount of current generated during the normal operation of a thermocouple to flow through but shuts down when the current flowing through becomes too high. Unlike conventional fuses, the PTC resets itself when the current drops to a normal level.  The time it takes to trip the device (time-to-trip) depends on the current and falls rapidly as the current increases.


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