Pulse™ Hot Runner Controllers

  • Configurations of 30-zone capacity cabinets up to 180-zones.
  • Optional I/O for integration with the injection molding machine and other equipment
  • 10.1″ LCD, 1024 x 600 resolution touchscreen HMI w/ ethernet for VNC Viewer and USB for saving screenshots
  • Compact footprint
  • Remote mount display option
  • 240V w/ integrated transformer up to 45 KVA
Fast Heat Pulse Hot Runner Controllers Open Cabinet

Fast Heat Pulse Hot Runner Controllers

  • Customer Specified Connectors
  • Moisture Bake-Out
  • Evensoak (zone managed sequential start-up)
  • Update Zones by Group
  • Slave Zones Automatically or Manually
  • Store up to 50 Recipes
  • 3-Level Customizable Security Codes
  • Constant Tuning PID Algorithm
  • Max % Power Control/Alarm (able to use lower amp service and detect leaks)
  • Instant Diagnostics
  • Active Thermocouple Protection*
  • Energy Saving Waterfall Technology (minimizes peak KWh and amp draw)
  • 4-Channel I/O for Softsoak & Alarm Outputs and Inputs for Run, Stop, Boost, Idle. Learn More>
  • 10″ LCD HMI w/ VNC Viewer
  • 240V 3-Phase.
  • Options – Remote Mount Display Cable, 15 or 45 kVA Integrated Transformers

Why Choose Pulse Hot Runner Controllers?

There has been a trend over the last decade to integrate hot runner temperature controls into injection molding machines. While this may seem like a good idea, molders are sacrificing a lot of value that comes with a specialized hot runner temperature control like our Fast Heat Pulse controller. Our temperature controller is also a valuable tool for other applications such as extrusion, compression molding and any application with simplicity, precise control and work-cell integration are important.

Pulse vs Other Integrated Controls Pulse Others
Easily Expandable w/ 30-Zone Cabinets Yes No
4-Channel I/O Automation – Soak Timer, Alarms, Run/Stop/Boost/Idle Yes No
Waterfall Technology Power Mgt (min peak KW demand) Yes No
Max % Power Limit (enables lower amp service) Yes No
Active Thermocouple Protection Yes No
Table-Top MoldXChecker Optional Yes No
Tabular 30-Zone View and Mgt by Group Yes No
Embedded Firmware (no hard drive) Yes Some
Instant Diagnostics Yes Most
Multi-Level Security Yes Most
LCD Touchscreen w/ VNC Viewer (Ethernet) Yes Most
Recipe Storage Yes Yes
Zone Slaving (Auto and Manual) Yes Yes
Evensoak Sequential Group Start-Up Yes Yes
Moisture Bake-Out Yes Yes
*How Active Thermocouple Protection Works

A positive temperature coefficient (PTC) device allows the amount of current generated during the normal operation of a thermocouple to flow through but shuts down when the current flowing through becomes too high. Unlike conventional fuses, the PTC resets itself when the current drops to a normal level.  The time it takes to trip the device (time-to-trip) depends on the current and falls rapidly as the current increases.

Line Up

Pulse 30™

Pulse 30 Hot Runner Controller Full Front

Pulse 60™

Pulse 60 Hot Runner Controller Full Front

Pulse 120™

Pulse 120 Hot Runner Controller Full Front

Pulse 180™

Pulse 180 Hot Runner Controller Full Front
Specifications Pulse 30 Pulse 60 Pulse 120 Pulse 180
Heater and T/C
Cable Length
20′ or custom 20′ or custom 20′ or custom 20′ or custom
Outside Dimensions
Overall (W”xD”xH”)
22x26x67 22x26x67 33x26x67 44x26x67
Maximum Number
of Zones
30 60 90 or 120 150 or 180
Card Slots 15 30 45 or 60 75 or 90
Display w/ Ethernet
VNC Viewer
10″ Color
10″ Color
10″ Color
10″ Color
Recipe Storage 50 50 50 50
240V, 3-Phase w/
Optional Transformers
15 or 45 kVA 45 kVA Engineering
4-Channel In/Out
Input / Output
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Remote Mount
Display Cable
Optional Optional Optional Optional