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Hot Runner Mold Checker


The MoldXChecker®(Patent No.: US 9,983,252 B2) hot runner wiring diagnostic tool prevents line-down situations by quickly identifying a missing ground to the mold box and heater cable, direct shorts, open circuits,  and resistance values in heaters and thermocouples.


This cable cross checker is made-to-order with the same connectors as you would have on your hot runner controllers (we will contact you for connector specification and approval).

  • Be Safe! – Check for dangerous and destructive shorts BEFORE plugging your tool into a controller, both on the production floor and in the tool room.
  • Save Maintenance Time! – The old way checking for shorts and measuring ohms for each zone takes forever.
  • Ensure 100% Accurate Testing! – No more skipping steps, getting false readings or searching for shorts.


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