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Hot Runner Cable Checker


The CableXChecker™ (Patent No.: US 9,804,218 B2) solves every-day maintenance problems with hot runner cable testing and connector wiring including miswires, opens, shorts and poor grounding.


This cable cross-checker is made-to-order with your wiring diagram using industry-standard connectors (we will contact you for connector specification and approval).

  • Saves Maintenance Time! – The old way of checking for opens, miswired zones and shorts takes forever! A standard 24-pin cable requires a 576 point-to-point test to diagnose a problem and to ensure proper wiring. The CableXChecker™ (Patent No.: US 9,804,218 B2) saves about 15-minutes per cable!
  • Ensures 100% Accurate Testing – It’s too easy to make a mistake the old way due to small pins, tight spacing and hard-to-read zone labels. No more skipping steps or incorrectly diagnosing opens, miswires or shorts.


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