Screw Tip Assemblies

Screw Tip Assemblies

MALLARD® Z4 injection molding screw tip assemblies, also know as check valves, are the gold standard for solving your most demanding injection molding applications. Utilizing a building block design concept, MALLARD Z4 valves provide numerous advantages for any processing need, including:

  • Numerous design and material selections (optimize for wear and/or corrosion resistance)
  • Replaceable wear components
  • Tough, reusable stainless steel retainer
  • Self-cleaning full-flow design (prevent black streaks)
  • Industry best for shot to shot 2-year wear-through guarantee on our carbide faced valve option

Our designs allow use of the same retainer and rear seat, and incorporate a replaceable front seat and check ring concept. That saves you money and allows for easy customization of your valve for any need. The MALLARD® Z4 line of check ring valves provides the latest technology for reliable performance.

How to Choose a Screw Tip Assembly

There are numerous options for screw tip assemblies, also known as valve assemblies or check-ring valve assemblies. We offer a 4-piece valve assembly for the following reasons:

  1. It can be customized for corrosion and/or wear resistance.
  2. The rear seat dimension can be customized for faster shut-off.
  3. The retainer tool steel is optimized for strength.
  4. The front seat is optimized for high wear and high hardness.
  5. The check ring is optimized for high wear and high hardness.
  6. The rear seat is optimized for high hardness.

These advantages far outweigh and cost difference to a generic 3-piece assembly that is prone to cracked retainers and requires complete retainer replacement when the the check ring contact area is worn. With our 4-piece assembly, we simply replace the front  seat and ring as needed. For long-run abrasive applications, we offer a carbide faced ring and front seat.

Manufactured by Zeiger Industries.

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Zeiger 4PC Screw Tip Assembly