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Pulse Touchscreen

Hot Runner Controllers

MOD24® COMING SOON! A modern, modular controller with plug-n-play expansion up to 192 zones.

Pulse™ for up to 180 zones. Advanced I/O, max % power control w/ 10″ HMI.


Hot Runner Maintenance

Instantly diagnose circuitry on hot runner systems and cables using our patented MoldXChecker®
and CableXChecker® devices.


Mold Boxes

The SmartMold™ Hot Runner Mold Box saves time and money by protecting thermocouples and control modules while offering ease of access to connectors. Custom mold boxes are available.

Hot Runner Cable

Hot Runner Cables

Standard and custom heater and thermocouple cables using machined silver pins, heavy-duty strain reliefs, and shielded cable.

Heated Sprue Bushings

Integrally heated sprue bushings have a superior heat transfer and can process a wide range of resins.

Heated Machine Nozzles

Zeiger and Spark Industries have collaborated on a new heated tapered nozzle that’s designed for reduced pressure drop, self-cleaning operation and the ability to work with aggressive materials.

Screw Tip Assemblies

MALLARD® Z4 injection molding screw tip assemblies, also known as check valves, are the gold standard for solving early wear due to abrasion and corrosion.

C-Sert Permanent Thread Insert

Threaded Inserts

C-Serts™ is a permanent thread replacement solution for heavy-duty industrial applications where failure is unacceptable. Includes a Lifetime Warranty!