Pulse™ Hot Runner Controllers

  • Configurations of 30-zone capacity cabinets up to 180-zones.
  • Optional I/O for integration with the injection molding machine and other equipment
  • 10.1″ LCD, 1024 x 600 resolution touchscreen HMI w/ ethernet for VNC Viewer and USB for saving screenshots
  • Compact footprint
  • Remote mount display option
  • 240V w/ integrated transformer up to 45 KVA
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Fast Heat Pulse Hot Runner Controller

Fast Heat Pulse Hot Runner Controller

  • Customer Specified Connectors
  • Moisture Bake-Out
  • Evensoak (zone managed sequential start-up)
  • Update Zones by Group
  • Slave Zones Automatically or Manually
  • Store up to 50 Recipes
  • 3-Level Customizable Security Codes
  • Constant Tuning PID Algorithm
  • Max % Power Control/Alarm (able to use lower amp service and detect leaks)
  • Instant Diagnostics
  • Active Thermocouple Protection*
  • Energy Saving Waterfall Technology (minimizes peak KWh and amp draw)
  • 4-Channel I/O for Softsoak & Alarm Outputs and Inputs for Run, Stop, Boost, Idle
  • 10″ LCD HMI w/ VNC Viewer
  • 240V 3-Phase.
  • Options – Remote Mount Display Cable, 15 or 45 kVA Integrated Transformers
*How Active Thermocouple Protection Works

A positive temperature coefficient (PTC) device allows the amount of current generated during the normal operation of a thermocouple to flow through but shuts down when the current flowing through becomes too high. Unlike conventional fuses, the PTC resets itself when the current drops to a normal level.  The time it takes to trip the device (time-to-trip) depends on the current and falls rapidly as the current increases.

Pulse Hot Runner Controller Spare Parts