Spark Industries Expands Product Line To Include Sprue Bushings and Nozzles

We’re seeking to provide as much value to mold builders as possible. Expanding our product line to include integrally heated sprue bushings and nozzles enables tool shops and molders to leverage these proven designs while receiving our hands-on service and support. We also offer custom mold boxes, mold, and cable diagnostics, cables, and of course, our Fast Heat Pulse and Ion hot runner controllers.

Integrally heated sprue bushings have a superior heat transfer and can process a wide range of resins. The streamlined flow channel terminates in a reverse taper gate, providing minimum pressure loss and allowing for rapid gate freeze. The formation of a small gate stub on the part or runner results in a machine hold-time reduction, with no increase in sink marks on the part. There is a replaceable type-J thermocouple located close to the flow channel. They are available in either a standard .500” or .750” radius head or custom as requested. Gate options include a standard sprue for non-machined applications, extra stock for machining applications, or a euro-style extra stock with a reduced gate diameter for use in restrictive areas and less heat loss.

Integrally heated machine nozzles also provide a superior heat transfer. Tip options include 1. General Purpose for (PS) Polystyrene, (PE) Polyethylene, and (PP) Polypropylene families, 2. Full Taper for ABS, (PMMA) Acrylic, and Polysulfone families, 3. Nylon Tip for Nylon and Acetal families. Power leads are 90° standard 45° optional or customized to the specific machine requirements. Standard thread sizes include 1 ¼-12 UNF, 1 ½ -12 UNF, and 1 ¾-8 UNF. Metric or other sizes available upon request. Flow diameters are .500” standard or .750” end taper to a .500” flow channel.

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