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The Ins and Outs of Hot Runner Control

Hot Runner Maintenance Training Needs to Include Why, Not Just How Onboarding and training new employees on why things are done a certain way and not just how is critical in hot runner temperature control and proper hot runner system management. Spark Industries has created a guide for training new mold making and molding professionals on hot runner temperature control fundamentals. Before you turn on your hot runner controller, you should understand the following about your equipment and connections: Condition of the hot runner heater, thermocouples, and grounding Mold box connections and grounding Heater and thermocouple cable connects and grounding Hot runner controller connectors, maintenance, and grounding Incoming power and grounding Read the Full Article in MoldMaking Technology Magazine's November Issue

Fast Heat Updates HMI on Pulse Hot Runner Controllers

Pulse Hot Runner Controller Fast Heat by Spark Industries will be debuting an updated human-machine interface (HMI) on their Pulse hot runner controller at Amerimold 2021. The updated controller is now standard on all Pulse controllers and older versions of the hot runner controller can be retrofitted with the new technology.  The features of the updated interface are: Plug and Play- Set/Select your recipe and go Automatic bake-out to prevent shorts Evensoak-ramps up by group so expansion is even Zone or group set points can be adjusted quickly Auto or manual slave off other thermocouples Temperature, amperage, percent power, thermocouple and heater condition alarms are easy to see Thermocouple designation can be reassigned if there is a miswire Boost or Idle with one button Security levels

Spark Industries Acquires Fast Heat’s Hot Runner Controller Product Line

January 7, 2021.  Recently formed Spark Industries, founded by former Fast Heat GM Chad Root and Operations Manager Manny Diaz, has acquired Fast Heat's current product line with an eye on advancing the technology of their hot runner controllers. Root and Diaz are leveraging their extensive experience in the industry and deep understanding of their client's needs to continuously improve the current line and create new and innovative products in the future. "We have a lot of support from customers, reps, and dealers. They expect us to ramp up service and support along with new product development, which is exactly what we are doing. One group that we hope to provide extra support to is the moldmaking community. When Fast Heat sold hot runner systems and

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