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We have established injection molding best practices for processing with hot runner systems as outlined in this post. Our particular area of expertise is hot runner temperature control. This is supported by decades of hot runner system design and implementation as well.

We address the essentials of hot runner system processing including:

  • What Melt Flow Index really means
  • Properly reading and responding to thermocouples
  • The four plastic variables
  • Hot runner temperature control
  • The other “part-to-print” variables

Here’s what people have to say about our hot runner controls:

We’re Reliable…

“We knew we needed an integrated controller but were concerned about the higher purchase price over our modular box units. The Pulse Controller fit our needs because it was affordable and offered advanced technological features that save us time and money. Our personnel have all commented on how easy they are to use and that they are reliable.”

“I prepared a very detailed product comparison between the Pulse and another leading integrated controller. We decided to buy the Pulse because it met our technical requirements and was easier to use. Fast Heat also supplied a trial unit in much less time.”

We’re Precise…

“We need Pulse to achieve the critical gate temperature control required to mold thin-wall parts with challenging part geometries.”
“We bought our first Pulse controller because of the improvements we would see in mold and controller maintenance. We continue to realize those savings as well as savings in production set-up and ease-of-use. Our other Plant Managers are taking notice.”


Hot Runner Productivity Series

Hot Runner Productivity Series Register for special pricing, tools, and training to help with hot runner processing, energy savings, and maintenance. High-Cavity Hot Runner Productivity Series Highlights This 5-post series follows a normal order of events on the molding floor from before you

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Hot Runner Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process and Hot Runner Systems Processing injection molds used to be considered a black art. Then came along scientific molding that decoupled fill (cavity is filled 98% with injection speed), pack (finish filling and apply pressures), and hold (allow the part to cool). Processing engineers control four plastic variables: Temperature/Heat, Flow, Pressure,

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Hot Runner Troubleshooting

Hot Runner Troubleshooting First, Staying Out of Trouble MoldMaking Technology® and Plastics Technology magazines published articles about hot runner troubleshooting that included the importance of proper hot runner system startup. While this blog is about troubleshooting, it is fair to say that the best way to get out of trouble is to stay out

Hot Runner Maintenance Guide

Preparing for Production - Hot Runner Maintenance Guide This guide includes the blog post below and an adjoining slide deck. The blog post below is a reference guide with links to detailed explanations and visual examples we have compiled over the years (photos and videos). Use the adjoining slide deck for a speedy review

Hot Runner kW Demand

Hot Runner kW Demand Impacts Electrical Cost & Shop Loading An electricity bill has two main usage categories: kilowatt-hours (kWh) and kW demand. kWh is a calculation of wattage multiplied by the number of hours used, divided by 1000. We pay approximately $.10/kWh used in a given month. kW demand is the highest kW

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Common Hot Runner Cable Connection Problems

Common Hot Runner Cable Connection Problems Hot Runner Connector Anatomy Simple fixes can result in significant differences in your manufacturing process. You do not have to give in and just accept some common aggravating problems on the manufacturing floor. You may not think it’s worth changing some of the issues mentioned here. But what if

Hot Runner Performance

Preparing for Production Hot Runner performance is critical to maintaining production schedules and eliminating costly downtime. Following a pre-production checklist to ensure all tools are in place and ready to go gives your team the ability to work efficiently and effectively, saving both time and money. Having the tools to ensure your hot runner performance

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Minimizing Costs and Simplifying Hot Runner Repair

How will you minimize downtime and costly hot runner repair in your shop? The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think…here’s how Fast Heat by Spark Industries will help! You already know preventive maintenance is critical to the success of your shop. There will always be some amount of hot runner system repair, but

Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Boost Productivity and Quality

Want to know how to reduce scrap and increase productivity in your shop…Fast Heat by Spark Industries' hot runner temperature controllers are a must! Realistically, there are hundreds of ways to eliminate or reduce scrap on your production floor to increase those productivity numbers…from reintroducing scrap back into your processes to continuing to educate your

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CableXChecker®: Diagnose Hot Runner Cable Issues

CableXChecker® - Effectively Getting to the Root of the Problem Spaghetti bowl?! That’s right…spaghetti! That’s what all the wires and cables inside a press might remind you of…and have you looked closely at all the pins and cables making up a hot runner system? CableXChecker® gets you to the root of the problem! Plastic injection


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