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Helping molders simplify their injection molding process is the central theme to our industry-unique solutions including hot runner temperature control, heated sprue bushings, heated machine nozzles, screw tip assemblies, and custom injection molding screws.

Hot runner control optimization stabilizes your process by minimizing the amount of over and under shooting of temperature. This opens processing windows, maximizes uptime, reduces scrap and enables more advanced manufacturing practices.

Heated sprue bushings with integrated heaters offer superior heat transfer for a wide range of resins. The streamlined flow channel terminates in a reverse taper gate, providing minimum pressure loss and allowing for rapid gate freeze. The formation of a small gate stub on the part or runner results in a machine hold-time reduction, with no increase in sink marks on the part.

Our heated machine nozzles feature swedged sleeve heaters for optimal heat profile, durability, and replaceability. The core nozzle can be optimized for flow, wear resistance, or corrosion resistance.

4-piece screw tip assemblies not only save on maintenance costs but can also be optimized for flow, wear resistance, or corrosion resistance.

Finally, our Zeiger customized screws are as true to center as you will find in the industry and can be optimized for melt residence time as well as corrosion and wear resistance.

Each of these solutions help to improve the injection molding process.

We also have industry partners available to assist with mold flow analysis, injection molding process training, and problem resolution. These include CAE Services, RJG, American Injection Molding Institute and more.

Hot Runner Productivity Series

Hot Runner Productivity Series Register for special pricing, tools, and training to help with hot runner processing, energy savings, and maintenance. High-Cavity Hot Runner Productivity Series Highlights This 5-post series follows a normal order of events on the molding floor from before you

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Hot Runner Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Process and Hot Runner Systems Processing injection molds used to be considered a black art. Then came along scientific molding that decoupled fill (cavity is filled 98% with injection speed), pack (finish filling and apply pressures), and hold (allow the part to cool). Processing engineers control four plastic variables: Temperature/Heat, Flow, Pressure,

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Hot Runner kW Demand

Hot Runner kW Demand Impacts Electrical Cost & Shop Loading An electricity bill has two main usage categories: kilowatt-hours (kWh) and kW demand. kWh is a calculation of wattage multiplied by the number of hours used, divided by 1000. We pay approximately $.10/kWh used in a given month. kW demand is the highest kW

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Heated Tapered Nozzle

Heat Transfer and Uniformity by Zeiger and Spark Industries Okay, one more time for those of you who may have missed it…for those way in the back…anyone who knows anything about injection molding knows the importance of having optimum control over heat profiles…it is top priority! Temperature affects every step of the injection-molding process and

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Hot Runner Performance

Preparing for Production Hot Runner performance is critical to maintaining production schedules and eliminating costly downtime. Following a pre-production checklist to ensure all tools are in place and ready to go gives your team the ability to work efficiently and effectively, saving both time and money. Having the tools to ensure your hot runner performance

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Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Boost Productivity and Quality

Want to know how to reduce scrap and increase productivity in your shop…Fast Heat by Spark Industries' hot runner temperature controllers are a must! Realistically, there are hundreds of ways to eliminate or reduce scrap on your production floor to increase those productivity numbers…from reintroducing scrap back into your processes to continuing to educate your

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Low-Investment Molding Solution

Hot Runner Temperature Control: A Low-Investment Molding Solution Processing challenges and mold design considerations amplify the importance of the use of hot runner controls and your molding solution. Before we get started on the subject of using hot runner controls as a wide-reaching molding solution, we thought it worth mentioning where we are economically. The

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Reliable Hot Runner Temperature Control

Pulse technology demonstrates enhanced ergonomic features for accurate and reliable hot runner temperature controllers Catchy intro… Well, we don’t really have one. But to be straightforward…Fast Heat Inc. by Spark Industries is simply the apex of the industry when it comes to reliable hot runner temperature controllers. Gear like the (showcased at Amerimold 2021

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Sprue Bushings and Heated Nozzles Now Available

Spark Industries Expands Product Line To Include Sprue Bushings and Nozzles We’re seeking to provide as much value to mold builders as possible. Expanding our product line to include integrally heated sprue bushings and nozzles enables tool shops and molders to leverage these proven designs while receiving our hands-on service and support. We also offer

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Hot Runner Control Impact on Moldflow Analysis

Consistent Hot Runner Temperature Control is Key We've known for many years that Fast Heat clients value precise hot runner temperature control, especially for engineered resins, glass-filled applications and wide-spec regrinds. These materials require consistent temperature control to achieve "part-to-print" specifications. According to CAE, a leader in Moldflow analysis, altering material characteristics due to

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